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SubTropolis Technology Center (STC) uses the latest data center facility design standards and best practices; designed for 30 megawatts/37.5MVA, 135-watts per square foot of raised floor. The data center has N+1 redundant power systems with concurrent maintainability, multiple 750 KVA UPS and 2500 kW diesel generators to ensure continuity of service. Our mission-critical facility is fed by redundant feeds from two diverse substations. The N+1 redundant UPS system, with instantaneous failover, is always protecting your power load. STC is being designed with a P.U.E. of less than 1.5.

Uninterrupted Service
One of the most important advantages Kansas City offers is its inherent protection against energy black-outs. Kansas City consistently ranks among the best for constant, uninterrupted service. The Kansas City region boasts one of the most robust energy delivery networks in the world. Transmission systems are designed so the loss of any particular generator or transmission line has no effect on supplies across the region.

Power Incentives
Kansas City Power and Light offers a five-year decreasing discount equivalent to one year of free electricity. Kansas City Power and Light also offers one of the lowest utility costs in the country (approx. .05 per kWh), significantly decreasing operating expenses.

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For leasing information please contact Todd Bateman with CBRE at 312-935-1955. Get more details at

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