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Reduce your carbon footprint and lower your data center operating costs with SubTropolis Technology Center (STC). The data center is built inside solid limestone, which substantially lowers utility costs and allows for the following "green" benefits:

  • Less building materials: conserves natural resources, lowers cost
  • Underground location: reduces energy consumption, lowers utility costs
  • Naturally secure environment: protects your assets, lowers insurance costs

With data centers using 10-30 times more energy per square foot than office space, and with data center energy use doubling every 5 years, coupled with delayed capital investments in new power plants, energy efficiency is becoming a key metric of IT operations. In addition to the natural energy efficiencies, STC is being designed with a P.U.E. of less than 1.5.

Please contact us for more information at 866-782-5572 or click here to download our site plan.

For leasing information please contact Todd Bateman with CBRE at 312-935-1955. Get more details at

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